Automatically Sort Subscribers Into Groups Within a MailChimp List.

Someone asked me if I knew how to do this the other day, and I had helped someone do it before, but apparently MailChimp support said to this individual that it wasn’t possible/couldn’t be done/etc. I found that a little odd, because it’s a super easy thing to do. It’s true that the tools they provide won’t let you do it, but with just a few modifications to even the stock code the MailChimp form generator creates you can easily do this.

First thing you’ll want to do is generate your MailChimp Opt-In code as you usually would (be sure to check ALL fields, not just required fields when prompted). Once you have your Opt-In code paste it somewhere, such as a text editing window, where you can easily view it and edit the contents in plain text. Shortly below the

opening tag you’ll see the ‘s which will contain the First Name, Last Name, Email, etc. fields that you setup. The very last before the submit  tag should look something similar to this…

Notice how it says type=”checkbox” this means these areas will populate the various options for users to select which group they want to be set in when they sign up for the list, what we are going to do to simulate automatic sorting is precheck the box of the group we want these individuals sorted into and then move the box completely out of view of the user–so they are selecting the option upon opt-in but are not really aware of it .

The way we’d do this is after you locate the tag that represents the group we want to sort these users into you’ll simply add the word checked after input.

So now you should have something that looks like this:

Now if you load the form code you’ll see the option is checked for the user upon load. Now we want to hide it from the user so they can’t uncheck it unless they really, really tried.

Wrap the tag in a

with a left margin of 99999999px (or any huge number, if you want to have some fun) to make it so the box is so far off the screen you’d need a 50 foot monitor to see it.

Finally the end result should look a little like this:

Annnd that’s it. You are now sorting users from this specific opt-in into a group without them knowing. As far as I know MailChimp doesn’t provide the tools to do this, however, it’s not against the Terms of Service to do it. This probably isn’t the cleanest way to do this, but of the tip of my head it was the obvious easy solution.

Enjoy the auto sorting!