Creating Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter Icons which pass a specific URL.

For whatever reason when people create sales pages they seem to think that Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIN share buttons will automatically know that they shouldn’t be sharing the content, thank you, or any other inner pages and should be sharing the sales/optin pages. This simply isn’t the case. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN have the sharing systems they create in the developer tools all generally configured to share the URL’s that you have the pages set on. For example if I dropped a default Twitter share button on this page the URL that would be shared would be NOT http://localhost:8888 — I’m sure that makes sense to you, it always made sense to me, but hey what do I know? 😉

So if you are running a sales page or are hoping people will share different urls than what you are currently landing them on you’ll want to write your own little (and extremely simple) html that will power this using the basic http share links that these social networks provide.

Take a look at the following simple HTML…




In each of these instances all you’ll need to do is replace the URL after href= to set the URL you’ll want to share and replace the URL after img src= to define the image you want to use for the share icon.

If you are not sure what you’ll use for your social media sharing icon take a peak at these URLs, these are where I find most of the ones I use:

If you don’t find you like there, well then….

Here’s the final result if you apply each bit that I pasted above, you’ll see that all of these buttons are actually sharing my root URL ( not this blog posts URL (

Pretty easy!