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If you're looking to connect with me — well — this sh!t better be good!

Nah, just kidding, I actually really enjoy getting email and respond to pretty much everything that's not spam. I'm more of a, uh, listener in person so email gives me an opportunity to connect with people pretty easily, it's my preferred way of communication — so have at it!

You can go shoot me a regular ol' email at zack (at) my domain (dot) com. I'll try and respond fairly quickly — emphasis on the fairly.

Sorry to make you think — bad UX I know — but that's sorta the point. Spammy robots are bad at thinking for themselves. 😉

You can also find me at the socials in my footer — but I really don't make much use of them in recent years so they're only good for seeing dated photos of what I look like when I'm not a colorful cartoon avatar.