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Fixing Sucuri CloudProxy + Ontraport PilotPress Issues


If you happen to be using PilotPress with your WordPress install as well as Sucuri's CloudProxy you might have noticed lately that TinyMCE is failing to load (amongst a few other issues). It turns out the reason this is happening is because Sucuri recently released an update to their CloudProxy platform that seems to be stopping PilotPress from working correctly. It seems this due to the fact that Ontraport has developed the plugin in such a way that it pings itself (and security software doesn't seem to like this!).

If you are running into this issue the good news is that it's a pretty easy fix. If you open up your Sucuri CloudProxy panel (or whatever comparable security service you're using is) and locate the whitelist option (called Whitelist URL Paths in Sucuri):

You can add the following path to your whitelist list:


Like so:

Upon doing so, you should be able to use PilotPress and Sucuri CloudProxy together without issue, as far as I know there's no real additional security issue with doing this. According to Ontraport's development team it's purely over the fact that the plugin pings itself.