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Tracking Affiliate Sales with WooCommerce and Ontraport (Without a Pricey Plugin!)


If you're looking for a quick and easy way to track affiliate sales from WooCommerce in Ontraport without shelling out a bunch of money for a plugin like WP-Fusion (though it's a great plugin, it's a bit pricey if tracking affiliates is your only real use for it) you can easily do it with the quick little function below:

This reports the following information back to Ontraport:

Using it is pretty simple, the first thing you'll want to do is make sure you have the Ontraport tracking pixel installed on your site already.

Then you'll want to update YOUR-ACCOUNT-NAME-HERE with the name of your account in the snippet (you can find this from your tracking pixel code -- it should be something like

Once you've done that, add the snippet to your functions.php.

The final thing you'll need to do is match the Product SKU in WooCommerce to the corresponding Product ID in Ontraport (can be found in the URL when editing a product in Ontraport, it should look like id=#)

So, if it says id=5 you'd set the SKU in WooCommerce to 5.

Do that with all of the products you plan on using as affiliates, test and make sure it's working, and you should be good to go!